This Program will give you a practice in working with Money which involves addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Decimals and Fractions. Understanding Bills plays a crucial role for a child to analyse the cash flow hence this program will help a child to interpret the bills when he does shopping, dining out in a restaurant or a  grocery bill. In this section, we emphasize a child to deal with unitary method i.e. scaling down one of the variables to a single unit, and then performing the operation necessary to alter it to the desired value for Ex: 1kg of rice costs 10$ then 2.5kg of rice would cost how much?. This benefits a child to interpret the bills for bulk quantities. Although the Billing will eventually becomes a mental algorithm but it will be taught using carefully written sentences so that its logic is clear.  

The Program helps the Kids to:

1) Perform operations i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on Whole Numbers, decimals and Fractions.

2) Applying unitary logic.

3) Analysing the description, quantity of items and Grand total of all the items.

All the activities are demonstrated by real time examples followed by homework sheets.



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