Courses Grade 3

  • Multiplication USD 0.01

    In this program students are going to understand more on the multiplication concepts, where to implement on the problems which they come across in real life. The goal of this program is to make the children more comfortable with the challenging multiplication problems as they already learnt the basics in previous program.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Division/Long Division USD 0.01

    This program will help the students to understand in detail about the division concepts. In arithmetic long division is a standard division algorithm suitable for dividing multidigit numbers that is simple enough to perform by hand. It breaks down a division problem into a series of easier steps. As the students struggle to get this concept initially, but Premier Genie has designed the program with different activities which makes the students to apply their knowledge and to build logical skills at best. .

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Money USD 0.01

    This Program emphasis the students to learn about money concepts.As money in any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country. Students will be able to know the relationship between the value of a penny, nickel, dime quarter and dollar bill. Reinforce place value concepts with the value of dollar bills, dimes and pennies. They do work on problem solving which involves real time money problems.

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Metric System USD 0.01

     This program helps kids to learn about the metric system, which is a system of measurement used to describe an object's length, mass and volume. They will learn to estimate the measurement unit of a given object. This can make them to relate with their day to day life. The basic understanding about metric units will allow them to work on the complex calculations such as with fraction and decimal metric units.

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Length Weight and Time USD 0.01

    This program helps the kids to describe an object's length and weight. They will learn to estimate the measurement unit of a given object. This can make them to relate with their life. The basic understanding about metric units will allow them to work on the complex calculations such as with fraction and decimal metric units. They will be able to work on addition, subtraction multiplication and division of length and weight. And Time has long been a major subject of study in religionphilosophy, and science. Time is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of duration of events and the intervals between them. In this students will be focusing on Analog, Digital and elapsed time.

    Course Duration - 10 days
  • Bills USD 0.01

    This Program will give you a practice in working with Money which involves addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Decimals and Fractions. Understanding Bills plays a crucial role for a child to analyse the cash flow hence this program will help a child to interpret the bills when he does shopping, dining out in a restaurant or a  grocery bill. In this section, we emphasize a child to deal with unitary method i.e. scaling down one of the variables to a single unit, and then performing the operation necessary to alter it to the desired value for Ex: 1kg of rice costs 10$ then 2.5kg of rice would cost how much?. This benefits a child to interpret the bills for bulk quantities. Although the Billing will eventually becomes a mental algorithm but it will be taught using carefully written sentences so that its logic is clear.  

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Tenths USD 0.01

    In this program as the name itself implies, each small division is 1 or 1 part out of 10 or one tenth of a something. This concept is very important since this will be covered in both fractions and decimals. Once the students are comfortable with fractions they will be able to understand in decimals easily. Then they can relate fractions and decimals. We emphasize on addition, subtraction, multiplication of tenths. 

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Decimal Measures USD 0.01

    This lesson will help students understand the role of the decimal point and the relationship between tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. In this Program

    Students will:

    1) Explore decimal value with the help of place value

    2) Read and write decimals using the concept of tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

                                                          3) Compare decimals and arrange it in ascending and descending order with the help of greater-than and less-than notation.

                                                          4) Add decimals using place value strategies and relate those strategies to a written method.

                                                          5) Subtract decimals using place value strategies and relate those strategies to a written .

                                                           6) Basic Multiplication of decimals by whole and decimal numbers.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Fractions USD 0.01

    In this program student are going to learn about fractions.Students develop understanding of fraction equivalence and operations with fractions. They recognize that two different fractions can be equal (e.g., 15/9 = 5/3), and they develop methods for generating and recognizing equivalent fractions. Students extend previous understandings about how fractions are built from unit fractions, composing fractions from unit fractions, decomposing fractions into unit fractions, and using the meaning of fractions and the meaning of multiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number with the help of various activities so that they can visualize and remember the concept.

    Course Duration - 14 days
  • Dividing into Shares USD 0.01

    Division in arithmetic is the reverse of multiplication. So it's probably a good idea that a child has understanding of how to multiply numbers before beginning on any real study of division. Hence, we emphasize a child's proper understanding of multiplication before he gets into division. However, in its simplest form, division is sometimes known as 'sharing'. As soon as your child understands how numbers work, it's good to use basic mathematical language in everyday situations. This section ease a child make splitting into equal parts or groups which in turn builds an understanding of fair sharing.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Whenever there are more than one operations in one expression students generally confused and they used to do a mistake because they do not know which operation to apply when. In this program student will learn about various operations and their order whenever they comes under one expression with the help of "BODMAS" , "BIDMAS", "PEMDAS". They will also practice word problems based on this concept so that concept will more strengthen and student feel comfortable.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • In this program student will learn and build the concept of factors and multiples. Once they understand these terms then they will practice the problems based on that. They will also learn abut divisibility test because it helps a lot to them in order to find the factors and multiples. The entire focus of this program is to clear the concept of factor and multiple so that later on in H.C.F and L.C.M they will not feel trouble.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • HCF and LCM USD 0.01

    In this Program student will learn about Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple by various method like repeated division method, Prime factorization method and circles method. They will also learn its application related to real life. They will also learn about divisibility by few numbers in this program.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Averages USD 0.01

    In this program student will learn the concept of averages with its application in real life. They will learn not only by memorizing by with various methods like average pie  or triangle method. They will also strengthen the concept of average speed which include unit conversion as well. The main goal is to make student comfortable in average at this level so that later on they can perform calculation on weighted averages.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Unitary Method USD 0.01

    Unitary method is one of the important part of learning mental arithmetic because it provide an  alternative way to solve various problems later on. Keeping this importance in mind premier genie designed a program this program so that student will learn about this method and applications when it comes to real life problems.They will practice various types of word problems in which student will realize that it is one of the major topic to learn.

    Course Duration - 7 days
  • Geometry USD 0.01

    This program about geometry involves investigation about shapes, structures and spatial relationship. Geometry is a vast area of mathematics for young children, who are mutually curious about their physical world. Student will get the opportunity to explore geometric concepts and to relate them to real-life situation. Student will learn about various geometrical instruments its uses, measurement of angles , lines etc. are the main components of this program.

    Course Duration - 14 days
  • Area USD 0.01

    In this program student will learn about areas and perimeters. Since this is just a foundation of this so they will start from the basic concepts with the help of drawings and various methods. Once they are comfortable then they will calculate the area and perimeters of paths. They will also learn the conversion of one units to another in context with area and perimeter. Understanding of various  area and perimeters practice problems is the main focus of this program.

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Course Duration - 60 days