This Program about Fractions is designed to teach kids the basic principles of fractions through an interactive lesson and activities. In this, kids will be introduced to the concept of simple fractions, mixed fractions through shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. The lesson will be followed by several exercises which will enable kids to practice and reinforce their concept of fractions. They will be able to find the fraction value from a whole, Types of fractions, equivalent fractions, sorting fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.

This program focus on:

1. Fraction and types

2. Equivalent fractions

3. Changing the fraction to lowest terms

4. Converting mixed to improper fraction and vise versa

5. Sorting fractions in ascending and descending order.

6. Addition and Subtraction with like and unlike denominators

7. Multiplication and division on fraction

8.Word problems on fractions.

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