In this program student will learn about the various aspects of geometry their uses. They will first recapsitute the concept related to geometry whatever they had learned in their previous year. They will learn about various mathematical instruments ( Ruler, Set-Square, Protractor, Divider, Compass) . Once the student is aware about all these then they will move on the measurements from rulers , Protractors. Understanding of drawing and measuring angle with protractor, various kinds of angles, perpendiculars, basic construction with compass are some of the points where they will focus on.

In this program students will strengthen and extend their knowledge about geometry which includes

1) Understanding the basic geometrical terms.

2) Mathematical Instruments

3) In depth understanding of protractor.

4) Measuring Line-segments.

5) Angles in everyday life.

6) Measurement of angles.

7) Kinds of Angles

8) Basic Geometrical constructions with Compass.

 All the above steps are followed by various classrooms activities, assignments and homework.


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Student's sample sheets

This ppt will give information to a student about various terminologies used in geometrical aspect aspect like point, ray , line, line segment, angle.