In this Program student will learn about how to simplify the expressions by different methods like cross cancellation and some other methods. They will also get to know about simplifications of the expressions which contains two or more than two signs of operations.

This program will majorly deal with the simplification of expression so that student can save there time later on in reducing the terms.they will start from basic expressions and then move towards complex expression step by step.

1) Simplification of expression containing only fractions

2) Simplification of expressions containing decimals.

3) Simplification of expression which contain two or more than two signs of operations with the help of 'BODMAS' or 'PEMDAS' or 'BIDMAS'.

4) Statement suns involving Fractions and Decimals.

5) Advance statement sums based on all the above Steps.

  All the above modules followed by assignments and homework.

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