Algebraic Expressions

In this Program student will learn about terminology related to algebraic expressions and the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on then. In this program we shall be review and strengthen these concepts and once the student is comfortable we will practice the advance level of algebraic expressions and operations based on that.

In this program we shall be dealing with the algebraic expressions and application of various operations based on that which include the understanding of the following steps.

1) Recapitulate the concepts of Constant and Variable.

2) Understanding of Monomial,  Binomial, Trinomial and Monomial Algebraic expression

3) Like and unlike terms.

4) Polynomial in one, two or more variables.

5) Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Expression with the help of horizontal and vertical method.

6) Multiplication of a polynomial by a monomial.

7) Multiplication of two polynomials.

8) Use of grouping symbols.

  Every module is accomplished by various assignments and homework.


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Student's sample materials

This is a sample power point presentation which will gives us an idea about algebra and various operations related to it.