In this program student will learn about decimal numbers system. They will learn about the place values on the right of decimal points. The main goal of this program is to make the student feel comfortable when it comes to the application of various operations with decimals. They will face real time problem and will solve by this concept.

In this program student will learn about decimal system. They will start from basic and move towards advance according to their level  step by step.

1) Understanding of decimal numbers by the concept of place value.

2) Conversion of decimal number to fraction.

3) Conversion of fraction to decimal number.

4) Comparison of decimal numbers.

5) Addition and Subtraction of decimal numbers.

6) Multiplication and Division of Decimal numbers.

7) Recurring Decimals.

8) Approximations and estimations.

9) Rounded to significant figures.

   Every step is being followed by various assignments and homework.

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