Percentage and Application

In this program student will first revamp their basic concepts of percentage which they had learned in their previous class. They will add on their knowledge in percentages by practicing various types of problems based its applications. They will learn interconversion between percents, fractions, decimals and ratios. Percentage increase, Percentage decrease, forward percentage, reverse percentage, decimal percentage, percentage problems based on real life are some of the main points where we will focus in this program.

This program deals with percentage and its various applications which include following components-

1) Conversion of percentage to fraction and vice versa

2) Conversion of percentage into a ratio and vice versa

3) Conversion of decimal to percentage and vice versa.

4) Calculating the percentage of a given quantity.

5) Percentage increase and decrease.

6) Forward and Reverse Percentage.

7) Decimal percetages

8) Real time problem percentage solving.

All the steps mentioned above are followed assignments and homework.

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