Ratio and Proportion advanced

In this program student will first refresh the knowledge of Ratios and Proportions what ever they had learned in their previous grade. Once they are comfortable then they will solve the tougher problems based on Advance Ratios and Proportion which include division of a particular quantity in a given ratios., fractional ratios, proportion and its types, its representation in different ways. The main focus here to solve as many problems based on this topic.

This program focusly deals with Ratios and Proportion which include-

1) Recapitulate the concept of Ratios and proportion.

2) Ratios of three quantities.

3) Dividing a quantity in a particular ratios.

4) Fractional Ratios.

5) Solving Ratios Problems with and without algebra.

6) Proportion and its representation.

7) Types if proportion for ex continued etc.

8) Mean proportional.

 All the parts are followed by various assignments and homework's.


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