Speed, Time and Distance advanced

In this program student will first recapitulate the basic concept of speed, distance and time which they learned in their previous grade. In this program they shall develop those ideas little further. They will learn the concept of Uniform speed, Variable Speed, Average Speed, Relative speed. Various problems on Trains, boats which include the concept of Upstream and downstream, practicing the word problems, inter conversions between the various units is the main focus of this program.

In this program student will enhance their knowledge of Speed distance ad time.

1)  Understanding the units of speed.

2) Conversion of unit of speed.

3) Uniform, Variable, and Average speed.

4)  Problems based on trains.

5) Concept of relative speed.

6) Concept of Upstream and Downstream.

7) Trains and boats problems based on relative speed.

All the topics are covered by various assignments and homework.

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