What is the GMAT®

What is the GMAT®

A standardized test - the Graduate Management Admission Test measures Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical skills. The test primarily intends to aid Graduate Schools of Business assess the potential of the applicants for advanced study in business and management. Nearly 1000 management institutes all over the world require GMAT® scores from the applicants.

The GMAT® is different from most other examinations. The examination is entirely computer-based, and no two students get an identical set of questions. The test is scored on a maximum of 800. The GMAT® Score alone cannot guarantee admission into a B-school. The test is only one of the major factors taken into consideration in the long process of an applicant getting admitted into a Business School that he/she desires.

The GMAT® has four sections:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal


The following is the GMAT® test structure:

      What is the scoring scale for the GMAT®?

  • AWA section grades are from 0-6 in 0.5 increments
  • IR section is scored on a scale of 1-8 in 1 point increments
  • Quantitative scores are from 0 to 60 (known as scaled score). However, 51 is 98 percentile.
  • Verbal scores are from 0 to 60 (scaled score). However, above 45 is 99 percentile on Verbal.
  • Total Scores are from 200-800 in 10 point increments.
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