SAT Prepration

SAT Preparation

Premier Genie

A pioneer and undisputed leader in the domain of study abroad educational services in UAE offers the best SAT preparation possible. Premier Genie provides SAT preparation with right mix of content and strategies to help you get a top score on the SAT.

Need a sneak peek into our results? Have a look at the following stats:

  • Our average SAT score nationally on the old SAT is an outstanding 1801.
  • 24% of our students scored above 2000 on the old SAT.

7 Reasons why you should join Premier Genie:

We don’t offer one but multiple reasons for you to join Premier Genie:

1. Be up to date with the latest SAT Content

Get access to the most updated SAT course material, which is the outcome of rigorous research of our R&D . Your Premier Genie  give you questions based on the latest question patterns. Trends & changes are tracked and the study material is constantly updated. These books also introduce you to techniques and strategies that you need to ace the SAT!

Don’t forget that the SAT is an American test, and you need effective SAT strategies that Premier Genie is best known for. Get these strategies from the specially trained teachers who guide you through the maze of standardized tests. Premier Genie teachers know both the strategies needed for the SAT and the unique requirements of Indian students to crack the SAT.

2. Prepare for the test with our expert content and test taking tips

The Course Workbooks not only focus on the key contents that you need to master the SAT -- for example, various aspects of grammar and various concepts in math, but also trains students to be smart test-takers.

3. Effective and In-depth Practice and Review

Effective SAT test preparation is not just about coming to a class - you need to review your performance on the tests that you take. Our detailed score reports will help you to understand your strengths, and areas that you need to work on. Your teachers will give you feedback after each test to help you strategize for subsequent tests.

At Premier Genie we believe that a right combination of content and strategy is important to succeed on the SAT. The  Course Workbook, the Math and Verbal Workbooks, and the 500+ Practice Questions Book provide authentic practice material. Apart from these books, you will receive access to our unique online resource called the Student Portal (SP). Review the concepts learnt in class by viewing the strategies once again and practice on the drills on the SP.

4. Libraries with loads of practice material for you

Need more? - If you still crave for more practice then feel free to use our library where we have carefully selected the right SAT practice material for you. Our teachers are also willing to go the extra mile and give you extra help to hone your prep even further.

5. We offer you a unique Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that our techniques work and work well on the SAT that we guarantee that if you don’t get an SAT Score to your satisfaction and want to take the SAT again, we will work with you free of cost within a period of one year, provided you have attended all the classes as per schedule, done all the homework, taken the practice tests when specified and taken the actual SAT on the date closest to your course completion. This is the Unique Satisfaction Guarantee we give students who attend courses in a batch.

6. Our commitment to value driven education

For us the most important thing is to see you satisfied with your preparation and help you achieve the scores that you are aiming for. Your teachers will be firm about your commitment to your course and score, and will not encourage sloppiness in work. Even before you start the course, you need to take a diagnostic test so that the teachers know where you stand in terms of performance, and can advise you on your approach for the next test. Ensure that you take advantage of this opportunity.

7. Our Success Stories speak for themselves
The SAT test preparation programs at Premier Genie boasts of the best average score improvement in SAT. Many students scored in top percentile of 2000+. T

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What You’ll Get

Our SAT prep provides extensive interactive classroom sessions filled with power-packed strategies and focused content coverage designed to generate immediate score improvement. Here is what all you get if you enroll for our course.

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date The Premier Genie SAT Course Workbook
  • Premier Genie Math Workbook
  • Premier Genie Verbal Workbook
  • Five full-lengths SAT tests and detailed Score reports for all the tests.
  • Small classes to ensure personalized attention.
  • Instructors who are experts on the SAT.
  • Free extra help from your instructor.
  • One session for admissions advice for the colleges in the US.
  • Parent Connect Day
  • First hand Test Day Advice on ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of taking the SAT.
  • Refresher Sessions at no extra cost 2 to 3 weeks before the actual test.
USD .1 /-