• Lego Education WeDo USD 200

    LEGO® Education WeDo is a fantastic, simple-to-use tool that enables students to learn by constructing their own models and bringing them to life. WeDo covers all national standards and comes with a cross-curricular plug ‘n’ teach curriculum pack that improves communication, collaboration and team-building skills.

    WeDo helps teach how technology plays an active and informative role in the students’ learning and is an ideal product for teaching across different subjects at primary level, particularly literacy, science, math, technology and engineering.



    "LEGO® Education WeDo serves as an excellent platform for learning important 21st -century skills and is by far the best robotics system in the world for elementary school students."
    - Mitch Resnick, Professor of Learning Research, MIT Media Lab



    Let’s ignite a fascination with the world of science together!

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    Course Duration - 60 days


    Take learning with LEGO® Education WeDo to the next level with this fun and challenging Amusement Park and Construction Site themed set. Using the drag-and-drop intuitive programming environment that students are already familiar with, WeDo 8+ Projects features 6 advanced activities and 4 open-ended problem solving exercises. With enough material for up to 30 lessons, including worksheets and teacher notes, WeDo 8+ Projects is ideal for developing understanding of a wide range of STEM topics. Requires: 9580 LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set, 9585 LEGO Education WeDo Resource Set and 2000097 LEGO Education WeDo Software and Curriculum Pack

    Key Learning Values:

    • Covers a range of curriculum relevant STEM topics

    • Relates to real life 

    • Ideal for cross-curricular teaching and project work 

    • Builds understanding of technology 

    • Added emphasis to key language

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • Course Duration - 30 days
  • Course Duration - 30 days
  • The New SAT USD .1

    The New SAT

    Come March 2016 and the SAT will witness its biggest change in 30 years! Though the New SAT will debut on March 5, 2016, it will be administered for the first time on May 7, 2016.

    The SAT is undergoing a revision in terms of structure and content. This will impact school students in the class of 2017 and beyond.

    WHY the change? Here’s the College Board’s version!

    The New SAT:

    • Will be closely aligned to challenging classroom work

    • Wll focus on a few things that are crucial for college and career readiness

    • Will not be just a test but also an instructional experience that will benefit students' academic and professional lives.


    WHAT are the changes? A sneak peek!

    • Vocabulary in Context (VIC) focus on meanings of words in context instead of mere meanings

    • Command of Evidencefind evidence in support of answers

    • Essay will be optional – choose this option with CARE*

    • Essay analyzing a sourceevaluate use of evidence and rhetoric by the author

    • Math that Matters Most  --  foundational math skills are more important

    • Math with and without calculator only one of the two Math sections allows use of calculator

    • Problems grounded in real-world contexts charts and graphs in reading and writing; wordy Math problems!

    • Analysis in Science and in History/Social Studies not only passages but also Math questions come under this category

    • Great Global Conversation and US Founding Documents focus on critical events in US & World history/ literature, key events related to American Independence & Constitution

    • NO penalty for wrong answers! Hurray! No more losing points for guessing incorrectly

      A quick look at the changes:

        Current SAT New SAT
      Sections 3 sections

      • Math

      • Critical Reading

      • Writing

      2 sections

      • Math

      • Evidence-based Reading and Writing

      Essay Mandatory Optional

      • Section scores 200-800

      • Total score 2400

      • Essay score included in Writing score

      • Section scores 200-800

      • Total score 1600

      • Separate score for essay

      Penalty and answer choices

      • -1/4 point for each incorrect  answer in multiple choice questions

      • 5 answer choices per question

      • No penalty  for incorrect answers

      • 4 answer choices per question

        Reading and Writing

        • Reading passages draw from social sciences, humanities, and literature

        • Vocabulary tested via sentence completion questions

        • Reading passages will be from significant historical  or scientific documents, and may include informational graphics

        • Passages will include complex structure and vocabulary in context

        • Passage based grammar including punctuation


        • Arithmetic

        • Algebra

        • Geometry

        • Calculator permitted in all Math sections

        • Arithmetic

        • Algebra

        • Geometry

        • Trigonometry

        • Some no-calculator sections

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • SAT Prepration USD .1

    SAT Preparation

    Premier Genie

    A pioneer and undisputed leader in the domain of study abroad educational services in UAE offers the best SAT preparation possible. Premier Genie provides SAT preparation with right mix of content and strategies to help you get a top score on the SAT.

    Need a sneak peek into our results? Have a look at the following stats:

    • Our average SAT score nationally on the old SAT is an outstanding 1801.

    • 24% of our students scored above 2000 on the old SAT.

    7 Reasons why you should join Premier Genie:

    We don’t offer one but multiple reasons for you to join Premier Genie:

    1. Be up to date with the latest SAT Content

    Get access to the most updated SAT course material, which is the outcome of rigorous research of our R&D . Your Premier Genie  give you questions based on the latest question patterns. Trends & changes are tracked and the study material is constantly updated. These books also introduce you to techniques and strategies that you need to ace the SAT!

    Don’t forget that the SAT is an American test, and you need effective SAT strategies that Premier Genie is best known for. Get these strategies from the specially trained teachers who guide you through the maze of standardized tests. Premier Genie teachers know both the strategies needed for the SAT and the unique requirements of Indian students to crack the SAT.

    2. Prepare for the test with our expert content and test taking tips

    The Course Workbooks not only focus on the key contents that you need to master the SAT -- for example, various aspects of grammar and various concepts in math, but also trains students to be smart test-takers.

    3. Effective and In-depth Practice and Review

    Effective SAT test preparation is not just about coming to a class - you need to review your performance on the tests that you take. Our detailed score reports will help you to understand your strengths, and areas that you need to work on. Your teachers will give you feedback after each test to help you strategize for subsequent tests.

    At Premier Genie we believe that a right combination of content and strategy is important to succeed on the SAT. The  Course Workbook, the Math and Verbal Workbooks, and the 500+ Practice Questions Book provide authentic practice material. Apart from these books, you will receive access to our unique online resource called the Student Portal (SP). Review the concepts learnt in class by viewing the strategies once again and practice on the drills on the SP.

    4. Libraries with loads of practice material for you

    Need more? - If you still crave for more practice then feel free to use our library where we have carefully selected the right SAT practice material for you. Our teachers are also willing to go the extra mile and give you extra help to hone your prep even further.

    5. We offer you a unique Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are so confident that our techniques work and work well on the SAT that we guarantee that if you don’t get an SAT Score to your satisfaction and want to take the SAT again, we will work with you free of cost within a period of one year, provided you have attended all the classes as per schedule, done all the homework, taken the practice tests when specified and taken the actual SAT on the date closest to your course completion. This is the Unique Satisfaction Guarantee we give students who attend courses in a batch.

    6. Our commitment to value driven education

    For us the most important thing is to see you satisfied with your preparation and help you achieve the scores that you are aiming for. Your teachers will be firm about your commitment to your course and score, and will not encourage sloppiness in work. Even before you start the course, you need to take a diagnostic test so that the teachers know where you stand in terms of performance, and can advise you on your approach for the next test. Ensure that you take advantage of this opportunity.

    7. Our Success Stories speak for themselves
    The SAT test preparation programs at Premier Genie boasts of the best average score improvement in SAT. Many students scored in top percentile of 2000+. T

    To enroll for our SAT coaching classes, give us a call at 0525195796 or Click Here

    What You’ll Get

    Our SAT prep provides extensive interactive classroom sessions filled with power-packed strategies and focused content coverage designed to generate immediate score improvement. Here is what all you get if you enroll for our course.

    • Comprehensive and up-to-date The Premier Genie SAT Course Workbook

    • Premier Genie Math Workbook

    • Premier Genie Verbal Workbook

    • Five full-lengths SAT tests and detailed Score reports for all the tests.

    • Small classes to ensure personalized attention.

    • Instructors who are experts on the SAT.

    • Free extra help from your instructor.

    • One session for admissions advice for the colleges in the US.

    • Parent Connect Day

    • First hand Test Day Advice on ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of taking the SAT.

    • Refresher Sessions at no extra cost 2 to 3 weeks before the actual test.

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • SAT vs ACT USD .1

    New SAT vs. ACT

    Colleges will accept either the New SAT or the ACT or both. So which one should you take?


    It's all about the numbers. Some students end up scoring substantially higher on the SAT; others do better on the ACT. In lieu of a crystal ball, we have diagnostic test designed to help you determine which test is a better fit with your abilities.


    ACT questions tend to be more straightforward.


    ACT questions are often easier to understand on first read. On the New SAT, you may need to spend time figuring out what you're being asked before you can start solving the problem.


    After the 2016 changes, the SAT Writing and Language Test has become more like the ACT English Test. However, the ACT remains more straightforward on the whole. The questions on SAT Reading are often more abstract than those on ACT Reading.


    The New SAT contains questions that have been specially designed to serve some specific purpose: for example, the “paired questions” on the Reading Test to judge command of evidence, and specially designed math questions to judge understanding of math concepts.


    The New SAT still requires a wider vocabulary.


    While neither exam tests esoteric or difficult words directly, the passages on the SAT tend to be more complex and dense, and they are full of words that many students would not know. Students who have better vocabulary skills and who are able to understand these passages have an advantage on the SAT.


    The ACT has more Science, than the New SAT


    The ACT has a separate Science section. But you don't need to know anything about amoebas or chemical reactions for ACT Science. It tests your Science reading and reasoning skills: with rare exceptions, the answers to all the questions are in the passages.


    The New SAT does not have a Science section, but it does provide a separate Cross Test Score for Analysis in Science. This Cross Test Score is based on selected questions in the Reading, the Writing and Language, and the Math tests. Two of the five passages on the Reading Test are on Science topics.


    While neither the ACT nor the SAT requires much Science knowledge, the separate section means that the ACT overall has more Science content than does the SAT.


    The New SAT has more History and Social Studies than the ACT.


    As for Science, the New SAT provides a separate Cross Test Score for Analysis in History/Social Studies, based on select questions on the Reading Test, the Writing and Language Test, and the Math Test. Two of the five passages in the Reading section relate to History/Social Studies topics. The SAT has as much History/Social Studies as Science, and the History/Social Studies content on the SAT is of a higher level than that on the ACT.


    The ACT tests a greater number of Math concepts.


    The ACT syllabus includes more Math topics than the new SAT: for example, matrices and logarithms. That said, the ACT Math section is not necessarily harder, since many students find ACT questions more straightforward than those on the SAT.


    The essay tasks are very different.


    On the SAT, students are given a long, well-constructed speech or article to read and analyze. Using evidence from the text, students have to explain how the author builds the argument and how the author persuades or influences the audience. Separate scores are awarded for three parameters – Reading, Analysis, and Writing.


    On the ACT, students are presented with a paragraph about an issue and three different perspectives on that issue. Students have to analyze the given perspectives and have to present their own perspective along with justification. Separate scores are awarded for four parameters – Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions.


    As of 2016, the essay is 'optional' on both the New SAT and the ACT.


    The ACT is scored on a scale of 1-36 and the SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600.


    Three points on the SAT isn’t a big deal, but three points on the ACT could be the difference between your target school and your dream school.


    Your performance affects your overall score differently on the SAT and the ACT.


    As the Composite Score on the ACT is an average of the scores on the four tests, a small difference in the performance in one test may not change the Composite Score. However, on the New SAT, any difference in performance in any section will directly reflect in the Composite Score as the Composite Score is the sum total of the two Sectional Scores. So, if you happen to be weak in one particular area, the ACT may suit you better than the SAT: this weakness will not reflect so much in your composite score; especially because colleges have traditionally paid more attention to the ACT composite score rather than to the ACT score breakup.


    To register for the Premier Genie Test for free please click Here


    Course Duration - 60 days
  • SAT Guide and Tips USD 1

    SAT Test Preparation

    If it’s the first time you are taking the SAT, we recommend the following

    Personalize your practice

    Take an initial test to evaluate where you stand. You will know the areas that you need to work on. Try to follow a personalized study plan based on your strengths and areas for improvements.

    Get familiar with the questions

    Unless you know the type of questions that come on the SAT, you cannot possibly practice. Get familiar with the question types by picking up a relevant and reliable practice book.

    Practice a little each day

    Don’t get burnt out; however, don’t procrastinate either. The best way to prep is practice each day. Remember it is important to practice on relevant material which will eventually help you get comfortable with all types of questions.

    Take simulated tests

    A standardized test is more a test of endurance than merely content. Make sure you time yourself to get a better feel of what the actual testing experience will be like. Schedule in section stops and breaks just like on test day. You should take 3 to 4 simulated tests with adequate sectional practice in betwee

    Registere Hereto get more details about our SAT Preparation Programs.

    Course Duration - 60 days
  • SAT USD 1


    Course Duration - 60 days

    Planning on taking the SAT?


    • Unsure about how to prepare for the new version of the test?

    • Need a stellar score to get into the college of your dreams?

    • Want the inside scoop on how to ace it?


     Premier Genie has the answers!


     Our team of highly-qualified instructors have helped dozens of students crack the mystery behind the SAT. Over 70% of our candidates have scored 1400+ on their very first attempt. Where others fail, we deliver! With our help, students have seen their scores improve by 250+ points on retakes.


    Here’s why our method works:


    • Our unique screening process pinpoints areas where you need immediate focus

    • Based on your specific needs, we design a bespoke study plan

    • Small classroom settings ensure you get individualized attention

    • Our instructors are the best in the business with degrees from MIT, Columbia, Stanford, NYU, HEC Paris, UNC Chapel Hill and IIM Ahmedabad.


    For your convenience, we offer classes at 4 central locations across Dubai:


    •  Knowledge Village       

    •  Motor City         

    •  Business Bay          

    •  Silicon Oasis


    Email us at or call 055-366- 3900 for details about our program and to request a free DEMO class.


    Sign up with Premier Genie today and make your test taking experience worry free!


    Upcoming SAT test dates:

    Saturday, March 10th, 2018

    Saturday, May 5th, 2018



    What our students say about us

    "Classes were fun, focused and effective! 

     The personalized help made everything so easy".

      Student, DIA, 1520 new SAT   


    Your strategies were a life- saver. 

      Thank you"

                           Student, GCS, 1480 new SAT                  
















    Course Duration - 45 days