• Tests and Maps students' Knowledge

    The program will identify the knowledge base i.e what the child knows and doesn’t know based on a test conducted before entry into the program. This will help us in mapping the child’s capability to the appropriate Premier Genie level.

  • Customized learning

    Each Premier Genie Level provides a learning program which is customized according to the capability and learning ability of the child. Children who lag behind will be trained in a specific manner to integrate them to that particular Premier Genie level.

  • Qualified instructors

    The program has qualified and experienced faculty (M.B.As from reputed global institutes) who understand the academic challenges that a child faces. These challenges are bridged through effective instruction while keeping in mind the different learning capabilities of each child.

  • Monitor progress

    The progress of each child during the course of the program is monitored and continuous feedback is provided to the child and to the parents. Challenging topics for a child are identified and focused on through instruction in class and worksheets at home.