3D Printing

Premier Genie introduces an exciting 3D Printing program tailored for students of all ages, fostering a captivating journey from the creation of simple models like keychains, glasses, and animal figurines to the design of intricate 3D models, ready to be brought to life using cutting-edge 3D printers. This program offers a dynamic avenue for students to materialize their imagination into reality.

From novices to experienced learners, participants engage in crafting tangible models, honing their creativity and design capabilities. The program uniquely enables students to visualize complex structures from various angles and delve into Computer-Aided Design (CAD), a skill that holds tremendous value in modern-day design and engineering disciplines.

Premier Genie’s 3D Printing course journeys beyond the realm of basic models, empowering students to design intricate structures using advanced software such as TinkerCAD. This software, coupled with our guidance, paves the way for students to translate their creative ideas into tangible masterpieces. By seamlessly integrating hands-on learning with the intricacies of design software, we provide a holistic understanding of the 3D printing process, from conception to realization.


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