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The standard SAT course lasts for 2 months, and includes 50+ hours of in-class instruction, proctored SAT practice tests and feedback sessions. Depending on the student’s needs, this course can also be offered on an accelerated 1 month schedule.

Phase 1 of the program consists of ten 2 hour-long classes that are used to introduce and build on key topics relevant to the Math and Verbal sections of the SAT.

In Phase 2 of the program, we administer 4 proctored SAT practice tests. Each test is followed by a separate feedback session for the Math and Verbal sections. These are used to discuss difficult questions, re-inforce key concepts, review strategies and clear remaining doubts. By the end of our program, students are ready to ace the test.

Our team of highly-qualified instructors have helped dozens of students crack the mystery behind the SAT. Over 70% of our candidates have scored 1400+ on their very first attempt. Where others fail, we deliver! With our help, students have seen their scores improve by 250+ points on retakes.

Understanding the SAT Exam

Preparing for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) may initially seem like a big challenge, but it’s more manageable than you think. For starters, this pivotal exam covers maths and evidence-based reading and writing, with an optional essay section to boot. But what sets the SAT apart is its focus on analytical abilities and real-world problem-solving.

At Premier Genie, we don’t just teach your kids to pass the test — we empower them to master these subject matters and boost their exam-taking skills. Our approach demystifies the SAT, making it less of an obstacle and more of an opportunity for your child to shine.

Benefits of Effective SAT Preparation

Let’s face it — the SAT isn’t just another exam — it’s a gateway to your child’s dream university and, by extension, their future. That’s why effective SAT preparation is invaluable. At Premier Genie, our SAT classes in Dubai are carefully designed to offer more than just academic instruction.

We create bespoke study plans that cater to your child’s needs, ensuring they’re not just another face in the crowd. Our intimate classroom settings and world-class instructors guarantee your child gets the individual attention they deserve. With a track record of over 70% of our students scoring 1500+ on their first try, our SAT class in Dubai is a launchpad for academic success.


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