As a learning center in Dubai offering educational summer camps, Premier Genie is proud to have directors who had gone through the academic challenges of top notch institutes in the world. With degrees in BTech from Indian Institute of Technology and MBA from IIM and European MBA schools, they managed to build successful careers in the corporate world. They are passionate about education and are eager to impart their skills to young children and take them along the path of success in academics.




When we were mentoring our child on various aspects of real life mathematical problems, we realized the need for a program that provides mental stimulation and challenges beyond what was offered in traditional text books or curriculum. The idea for Premier Genie was born.



We created a customized and dynamic curriculum that not only challenged our child mentally but also made the process engaging, drawing him closer to mathematics. To reinforce the application of concepts learnt in a practical setting, we prepared him for a summer program at "Center for Talent Development" at Northwestern University (Chicago) in 2013.


We saw the difference this made in our child's life. Mathematics is no longer a subject to dread but a subject to be excited about. At Premier Genie, we want to replicate this for your child. We would not only educate them but make them think logically, nurture leadership qualities and grow exponentially.