Poems-Writing, Understanding and Reviewing

How can there be a creative writing course without the inclusion of the one of the most demanding creative writing topics out there, poems?

Over the years, poems have lost some love from English speaking audience. In the days of twitter and rap music, writing ballads about a hero or simply a poem to woo someone is seen as redundant. The truth however remains that poems are still one of the most vibrant forms of creative writing.


Due to the language used in some poems and certain words being redundant, understating poems can be a daunting task of children of this decade who are used to talking in abbreviations and ‘smiles’.  This module is designed to help open their minds to using figurative language in a fluid, rhythmic format, the understanding of which will enable them to write better.

Students will be taught the different types and styles of poems and asked to replicate those styles in their own compositions. This model will also include the analysis of some of the important and prominent poems of the 20th to the 21st century .


Many students are under the assumption that writing poetry entails using rhyming words, however there are several styles of poems that do not use rhyming words at all. Learning about these poems is going to be beneficial for students of this module as prose and poetry incorporate the basics of creative writing. The works of famous poets like Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, T.S. Eliot, Edgar Allan Poe, W.B. Yeats and many more notable names will be covered in this module. 

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