Spoken English

More often than not, beginners of the English language shy away from speaking openly in public for fear of saying something incorrectly. The only way to get things right is by talking in the language as much as possible.  


Homemakers are often faced with situations where they have to communicate with people of different strata’s of life. These situations might be important due to the issue at hand, say something pertaining to the finances of the house or their children’s school or wellbeing, they need to be attentive in such situations putting their points across in a clear manner. They need to communicate well in order to cancel out the ‘lost in translation’ scenario. This module caters to them by stimulating various scenarios where they will need to communicate in English. 

The learning in this module takes place in a rather entertaining format. Candidates are shown various video clippings of people talking in English and asked to repeat certain sentences as heard in the video. Listening to English being spoken also improves one’s own pronunciation. Just as babies learn language by imitating the sounds adults make around them, language learning for adults follows a similar pattern too. Most language learners imitate words as pronounced by proficient speakers.  Similarly the objective here is to make their pronunciation clear with no real focus on accent in order for their speech to be comprehensible by the listener.



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