Mathematics Courses in Dubai


Students learn better when lessons are suited to their interests, level of understanding, skills and needs. With this in mind, Premier Genie has developed a set of mathematics courses that is designed with the student’s individual requirements in mind. Each grade level successfully develops numeracy and appreciation for mathematics that goes beyond textbooks and curriculum.


The following provides an overview of our Maths classes content for grade levels 1-12, to help you know more about our student-focused maths tuition in Dubai:


Grade 1

Students in Grade 1 are introduced to the foundation of Mathematics. In this level, they will learn topics such as the four basic operations of elementary arithmetic and its applications in Telling Time, Money, Fractions, Measurement of Length, Weight and Capacity up to Flow Chart Development and Data Structure.


Grade 2

The basic mathematical operations are further discussed at this level. Grade 2 courses also offer Math classes for kids integrated with activities such as word problem solving involving the four operations, the metric system, the Unitary Method, and more.


Grade 3

Premier Genie Grade 3 Math courses explore more areas such as our very own Unitary Method program that provides students with an alternative way to solve mathematical problems. Classes will also delve on Area and Perimeter, Averages, Decimal Measures, Dividing into Shares, Geometry, Tenths, and many more.


Grade 4

The Grade 4 basics in Mathematics are tackled in this set of courses that includes Fractions, Highest Common Factors and Lowest Common Multiples, Decimals, Simplification using the BODMAS Rule, and Percentages. Also available are essential courses such as Simple Equations, Graphs, Geometry, Ratio, Profit and Loss, and Miscellaneous Word Problems.


Grade 4 Advanced and Grade 5

More advanced lessons in Grade 4 Mathematics and Grade 5 are explored in this set of arithmetic courses such as the application of the four basic operations in metric measures, advanced HCF and LCM, Vulgar Fractions, and Recurring Decimals and Approximation. Students at this level will learn about Simplification, Area, Volume, Square Root, Percentage, Simple Interest, Profit and Loss, Algebra, Equations, Powers, and many more.


Grade 6 and Grade 7 Basic

Math enrichment courses for Grade 6 and Grade 7 Basic are offered by Premier Genie for those who want to learn more about Elementary Set Operations, Number Systems, Operation on Sets and Venn Diagrams, Integers, Fractions, Factors and Multiples, and other Math programs.


Grade 8

Students’ mathematical abilities are further enhanced through Grade 8 advanced courses like Number Sets, Venn Diagrams, Ratio and Proportion, Speed, Time, and Distance, and Probability. Eighth graders are also exposed to more Math courses such as Percentage and its applications, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Fundamental concepts and operations on Algebraic Expressions, Exponents, Formulae, Factorizations, Special Products and Expansions, and many more.


Grade 9

Assistance for Grade 9 Mathematics lessons is extended to students who need to better understand concepts in Irrational Numbers, Profit and Loss, Compound Interest, Expansions, Factorisation, Changing the subject of a Formula, Linear Equations, Indices, Logarithms, and Triangles. Students will also be guided on lessons in Mid-point Theorem, Similarity, advanced Pythagorean theorem, Rectilinear Figures, Trigonometrical Ratios, and Mensuration.


Grade 10

Students’ abilities and understanding of lessons in Sales and Value Added Tax, Banking, Shares and Dividends, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Ratio and Proportion, and Matrices are enriched in these Grade 10 courses. In these classes, they will develop their ability to comprehend arithmetic instructions in topics such as Reflection, Distance and Section Formulae, Equation of a Straight Line, Similarity, Locus, Circle, Constructions, Mensuration, Trigonometric Identities and Tables, and Heights and Distances.


Grade 11

For a deeper understanding of Math lessons in Sets, Relations and Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Principle of Mathematical Induction, Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations, Linear Inequalities, and Permutations and Combinations, students should enrol in Grade 11 courses offered by Premier Genie. They can also look into enrolling in courses that tackle the Binomial Theorem, Straight Lines, Sequence and Series, Conic Sections, Three-dimensional Geometry, Limits and Derivatives, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics, and Probability.


Grade 12

For enrichment in Math classes like Relations and Function, Inverse Trigonometry, Matrices, Determinants, Continuity and Differentiability, Applications of Derivatives, Integrals, and Differential Equations, students should enrol in Premier Genie classes offered for Grade 12 learners. Classes in Three-dimensional Geometry, Probability, and Vectors are also offered.



The School and College Abilities Test (SCAT) is a test organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). Students from Grade 2 to Grade 10 are eligible to sit for a SCAT test. This test comprises of both Math and English. Approximately 55 questions are required to be solved in 22 minutes. Students who pass this test would be eligible for the Johns Hopkins CTY summer program at one of the venues in the United States or Hongkong.


SCAT is an advanced-level test. That is, students from Grade 5 need to prepare for Grade 7 lessons or higher. Grade 6 and onwards students need to prepare for Advanced SCAT for Grade 9 onwards. Johns Hopkins also accepts SAT results alongside SCAT. Students having SAT scores can apply for CTY summer program.


Premier Genie runs a rigorous academic program to prepare the students for the SCAT test. Students take two hours of Math and English training per week over a period of 6 months. We have a number of students from our center who travel to the United States and Hongkong to participate in the Johns Hopkins summer program every year.


Enhanced Math

The Premier Genie Enhanced Math program caters to 2 years to 13 years old students. Students who sign up for the Mathematics program are prepared for competitive mathematics and Math/English Olympiad, Uk 11+ preparation, UKMT, SAT, PSAT, SCAT-CTY program by Johns Hopkins, and more.


Our mathematics program comprises of developing enhanced skills where students across different grades hone their understanding on following topics in competitive landscape:


  • -Fractions
  • -Decimals
  • -Percentage
  • -Advanced Geometry
  • -Equations
  • -Algebra
  • -Equation of lines
  • -Parabola graph
  • -Volumes of various 3D shapes
  • -Statistics
  • -Probability and other concepts being taught in schools


Students often go beyond the curriculum and learn advanced concepts that would help them in jobs and real life. Students preparing for SAT, ACT or PSAT can join our program and get a thorough understanding of various topics to get better at the subject.


Master Math with Premier Genie Now


Our programme that combines classroom-based learning, homework and online math courses are designed to help students have a healthy appreciation for the arithmetic and its application in everyday life. These courses will be very helpful in their commitment to lifelong learning.


Using Mathematics and with the guidance of our math tutors in Dubai, students should be able to confidently solve problems, communicate and reason with solid logic, and essentially contribute to society as Math-literate individuals.


For a more in-depth understanding and profound appreciation of the contribution of Mathematics, enrol in Premier Genie and discover your innate genius in arithmetic.