Application of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in Metric Measures

In this program student will majorly learn about the application of Mathematical operations when comes to metric measure. They will learn these operations based on Length, weight, Area and Capacity.The main goal of this program is to make student comfortable in Addition and subtraction in metric measure which is then followed by multiplication and division.

In this Program student will learn how to apply the mathematical operations which includes the metric measures. They will start from basic and slowly and gradually they will move towards advance level step by step which includes:

1) Conversion Of Weight in Metric measure

2) Conversion Of Area in Metric measure

3) Conversion Of Capacity in Metric measure

4) Basic Problems based on Addition and Subtraction of lengths which include meter, centimeter and millimeter.

5) Advance Word Problems based on the Addition and Subtraction.

6) Basic Multiplication and Division Problems which involve conversion of one unit to other.

7) Advance Word Problems Based on Multiplication and Division which include decimal measures as well.

    All the above modules mentioned here are followed by homework.




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