Factors, Multiples and Prime Numbers

In this Program student will learn about Factors, Multiples, Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers. This  Module also include the identification of composite and Prime numbers. In this program instructors will introduce and reinforce the concepts by using problem- solving contexts.

In this program student will learn the different strategies to solve the problems based on Factors and Multiples. Thhis module includes

1) Understanding the basic relationship between the factors and multiples. 

2) Be my factor I will be your multiple technique.

3) Divisibility Rules.

4) Understand the difference between factors and prime factors.

5) Prime factorization.

6) Representation of Prime factor in index notation.

7) Knowing the remainders without actually division with the help of divisibility Rules.

8) Writing the prime numbers between two numbers.

   Above  the modules are  followed by classroom assignments and homework

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