SAT Classes: Program Overview


Planning on taking the SAT but you are unsure about how to prepare for the new version of the test? Need a stellar score to get into the college of your dreams? Join our SAT preparation in Dubai and get the inside scoop on how to ace it.


Premier Genie is the answer you need!


Our team of highly-qualified instructors have helped dozens of students crack the mystery

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Where others fail, we deliver! With the help of our SAT classes & professors, students have seen their scores improve by 250+ points on retakes.


What Makes Premier Genie Different 


Here’s why our method works:


• Our unique screening process pinpoints areas where you need immediate focus

• Based on your specific needs, we design a bespoke study plan

• Small classroom settings ensure you get individualized attention

• Our instructors are the best in the business with degrees from MIT, Columbia, Stanford, NYU,

UNC Chapel Hill, HEC Paris, and IIM Ahmedabad



SAT Prep Class Locations 


For your convenience, we offer SAT prep classes at 4 central locations across Dubai:


 • Knowledge Village       

 • Motor City         

 • Business Bay          '

 • Silicon Oasis


Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 055-366- 3900 for details about our SAT test prep classes and to request a free DEMO class.


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Upcoming SAT Test Dates


Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Saturday, May 5th, 2018


What Our Students Say


“Classes were fun, focused and effective!   Thank you!” 

Student, DIA, 1520 new SAT 


“ Your strategies were a life-saver. The personalized help made everything so easy.”

 Student, GCS, 1480 new SAT



SAT Program Details


The standard SAT review course lasts for 2 months, and includes 50+ hours of in-class instruction, proctored SAT practice tests and feedback sessions. Depending on the student’s needs, this course can also be offered on an accelerated 1 month schedule.


Phase 1 of the program consists of ten 2 hour-long classes that are used to introduce and build

on key topics relevant to the Math and Verbal sections of the SAT.


In Phase 2 of the program, we administer 4 proctored SAT practice tests. Each test is followed

by a separate feedback session for the Math and Verbal sections. These are used to discuss

difficult questions, reinforce key concepts, review strategies and clear remaining doubts.


By the end of our program, students are ready to ace the test.


A typical SAT course schedule would be as follows:


Part 1: Eight classes of 2 hours each (over 4 weeks) - introducing and explaining the following: Extended Reasoning, Literal Comprehension, Vocabulary in Context, Numbers and Operations, Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurements, Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Improving Sentences, Identifying Sentence Errors and Improving Paragraphs. 


Part 2: Four Proctored full-length SAT tests administered once a week in the month before the exam. 


Part 3: Grading, assessment, revision and feedback for each proctored test in the next 8 classes (following 4 weeks) The test will be discussed in class a day or two after it is administered. 


Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 055 366 3900 for more details


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